The School of Family

Martial Arts


Our carefully designed children's program develops self-discipline,

 self-confidence, respect and self-defense. We emphasize avoidance and resolution

 rather than confrontation and conflict. Fighting is desirable only as the last alternative.

 Positive reinforcement along with traditional martial arts training and discipline

 enhance the student's Tae Kwon-Do experience.

Unlike other schools, our students are not only required to master Tae Kwon-Do techniques

 but also must maintain chores at home and meet their teacher's expectations at school.

 Master Summers checks with the students' parents and teachers on a regular basis.

 All of these requirements must be met in order for students to advance to the next rank.

 This three fold approach impresses upon the student that Tae Kwon-Do

 is not just kicking and punching but also includes being a good student,

 citizen, and son or daughter.

The development of self-confidence, self-discipline and self-respect

 gives the Tae Kwon-Do student the ability to say "NO" to negative peer pressure.

The School of Family Martial Arts

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