The School of Family

Martial Arts



Our carefully designed program will develop Stress Relief,

 Physical Fitness, Self Defense, Self Confidence, Self Discipline & Respect.

Master Summers Teaches All Classes. People study Tae Kwon-Do

 for many different reasons. Some feel they are too heavy or too thin.

 Many wish to develop self confidence or self discipline.

 Some want to control their temper. Still other individuals

 would like to acquire the most formidable form of self defense available.

 Whatever your reasons, our program will provide all of these benefits

 plus many more to you and your loved ones. Through the development

 of proper breathing. flexibility, and physical conditioning students find themselves

 doing more than they thought possible. With our help,

 you will experience relief from daily stress.


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Do something for yourself and give Tae Kwon-Do a try!

Treat yourself to a better way of life!


We offer a Trial Program that makes it easy to find out if Tae Kwon-Do is for you.

We guarantee results!

The School of Family Martial Arts

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